🚨The SEC and Ripple XRP have agreed 🚀 All were shocked by the decision | XRP NEWS TODAY

🚨The SEC and Ripple XRP have agreed 🚀 All were shocked by the decision | XRP NEWS TODAY thumbnail

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🚨Sachs CEO leaked info about XRP 🚀This Could Shock You | XRP NEWS TODAY

US Representative Brad Sherman recently advised the Securities and Exchange Commission sec to go after crypto exchanges that supported ripple XRP. Bit boy crypto. Ben Armstrong believes the main reason for the growth of XRP over the past week was that the SEC abandoned its attempts to prove that the token is a security. The owners of XRP have no legal or financial claims against ripple and ripple cannot be a joint venture. Several legal experts shed light on the petitions filed separately by ripple and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Attorney John Deaton representing 72,000 XRP holders in a lawsuit against the SEC analyzed ripples argument. Ripple and the Securities and Exchange Commission publicly filed petitions for summary trial over the weekend. Ripple Labs, Brad garlin house and Chris Larson file motion for summary judgment. SEC claims that ripple learned many investors to buy XRP, making them believe they would make huge profits in the future. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed a motion for summary judgment in the Ripple case.

Ripple added to ripple executives and observers of the case have already expressed their opinion on the petitions filed. The company says that the SEC has not yet identified any investment contracts after two years of litigation. The Securities and Exchange Commission has failed to record that any of the XRP buyers have heard ripples alleged marketing pitch. The SEC has got a couple of big problems. Do you think XRP will be able to win the court and restore its former price? Write the answers in the comments.



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