5 Ethereum Killers to Watch in 2022 : Ethereum News 2022

5 Ethereum Killers to Watch in 2022 : Ethereum News 2022 thumbnail

Ethereum News 2022
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The five killer cryptos explained in this video can affect the price prediction for Ethereum and ethereum news.
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Ethereum (ETH) was the first cryptocurrency to implement smart contracts. These little bits of code are stored on the blockchain and allow developers to create apps or other projects. Ethereum has been the leader in this area for years and continues to host most of the projects.
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Unfortunately, Ethereum has become a victim to its own success. It is still struggling with network congestion and expensive network fees until it can transform to a more sustainable, eco-friendly model. A number of “Ethereum killers”, also known as these, have been created. These allow for faster and cheaper transactions. These are five people to watch in 2022.