ANTICIPATED LONG LIQUIDATION STRIKES BITCOIN as Bitcoin Price Chart Crashes in Under One Minute

ANTICIPATED LONG LIQUIDATION STRIKES BITCOIN as Bitcoin Price Chart Crashes in Under One Minute thumbnail

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Today, the price of Bitcoin crashed lower in overnight trading as the price fell over $1,000 in under 1-minute! Over the last week, I have discussed similar charts to Bitcoin’s current setup, that showed what a long liquidation would look like, and we have confirmation that over $500 million in liquidations happened, with many wondering why did Bitcoin crash? Essentially, stop losses get triggered, and liquidations of portfolios happen when the price moves too far, and this creates automatic selling by algorithms. Hence, price tumbled in 1-minute as all the algos sold Bitcoin immediately, also leading to altcoin liquidation. This is common in these situations. Now, the question is if we will see a short liquidation, and the price surge to the upside. Join me in this video as I review the discussions from the past week and the Bitcoin crash.

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