Apple & MasterCard Buy Into Bitcoin (IT BEGINS)

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Apple and MasterCard buy into Bitcoin – do this now!

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Apple and Mastercard have announced their intention to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency markets. This is big news. This is huge news. This is a big deal because BNY Mellon is known for being conservative. Banks will now be able create their own stable coins, which will be properly regulated and supervised unlike Tether. Crypto loans will also be possible, thanks in part to OCC (an OTC regulatory branch of US Treasury that regulates banks).

Investors will see a greater impact from this. Asset digitization will become a standard in the future. Imagine that you own a house, but instead of selling it as you would normally, you create tokens of the house for others to purchase and invest in. I might live in Las Vegas but want to purchase real estate in Hawaii. Except that I don’t want to purchase a house, as I don’t live in Hawaii. I also may not want REIT stocks. I would rather buy a house. Tokenization will enable me to invest my money in hyper-specific assets and own a portion of it. I can then sell it at any time and make a profit. This is not only possible for real estate. We already see it in the collectibles sector. We’ll soon see Mr. Logan Paul and Beast create tokens that we can invest in as if it were a company. These are wild times. This is only the beginning.

The city of Miami was also the first to receive official approval to incorporate Bitcoin. This means that Miami is now the first US city to accept Bitcoin. The first is that Miami will convert some of its cash into Bitcoin. People will be able pay taxes and fees in Bitcoin. Third, they will be allowed to receive a portion of their salary in Bitcoin. This is great news. Venmo also announced its participation in crypto space, following PayPal’s announcement.

Apple and Master Card joined the cryptocurrency market. Master Card will allow merchants to accept Bitcoin as a payment method. Apple will also partner with BitPay in order to integrate Bitcoin into Apple Pay. Your BitPay Debit card will be available in Apple Pay. This means you can use it to purchase Bitcoins at any Apple Pay-accepting company. Although this isn’t the same as companies adding Bitcoin to their balance sheets, it’s a huge step in the right direction. We’ll see more banks and companies come forward to offer their own crypto products, thanks to Elon Musk and Tesla.

So should you buy Bitcoin, even when it’s currently at the all time high floating around $50,000? It’s likely that it will continue to be manipulated in its price, just as it has since the beginning. Just like before, we are likely to crash again. That crash can bring it down to as long as $30,000 or it can bring it down to $15,000, who knows. We will keep crashing upward. Here’s the difference between the current crash and the previous ones. The market cap for Bitcoin has increased significantly as institutions and hedge funds have begun to invest in it slowly. This makes it much more difficult to manipulate it’s price meaning it’s unlikely that it will crash 90% or more (not impossible, but unlikely). If I were starting all over again, I would dollar cost average 10% of my income into Bitcoin, even at these prices. In hindsight, $50,000 will look cheap.

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