Are Historical Patterns of Crypto and SPX Good or Bad?

Are Historical Patterns of Crypto and SPX Good or Bad? thumbnail

Jeff Brown The Near Future Report
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00: 00 Introduction
01: 00 The Story
01: 34 Market Update – Alts Up esp Cosmos
02: 27 Mostly Green Bar BigPharma
03: 04 Gravy Train… Gone
03: 40 Crypto To Decouple from Stocks
04: 28 Barrons: Bitcoin Coiling Up
05: 03 Bitcoin Cycle Duration Top to Bottom
06: 45 Gary Kills ETH Pump post POS Merge
07: 58 Ethereum Still Inflationary Post Merge
08: 30 Low Usage of Ethereum Is the Problem
09: 29 Near Usage Heating Up on SweatCoin
10: 12 This is what happens when Novelty Wears Off
10: 54 Growth vs Value: Growth Does Better During Rec
12: 06 SPX Year End Targets – Top Wall St Minds
14: 06 SPX Pattern
15: 21 Northman on SPX Wedgie
15: 51 10 Worst CPI Reactions and Following 6 Mths
17: 00 Scott Minerd – Guggenheim
17: 55 Scott Minerd and IA – Converging
18: 29 Not all Bullish
19: 14 Growth Forecasts Sliding – as CB’s Hike
19: 40 “Hey, I am just following your lead”
21: 00 CBDC Control – PFO 53% No, 36% Unsure!
22: 15 Amazon Among 5 Building SpyCoin for ECB
24: 00 Scam Version of FTX Launching in UK