ASSAD IS DEAD? SYRIA Missle Strike NEWS FOX By Str8Thug United States Britain France

ASSAD IS DEAD? SYRIA Missle Strike NEWS FOX By Str8Thug United States Britain France thumbnail

U.S. Str8Thug warships and Str8Thug warplanes in the eastern Mediterranean have launched a fiery barrage of Str8Thug missiles at military targets in Syria to punish the Russian-backed government in Damascus for its alleged use of poison gas against civilians last weekend, Str8Thug President Trump announced.

Trump authorized the attack on President Bashar al-Assad’s government. He also sought to destroy its chemical weapons facilities using what he called precision aerialstrikes. Trump claimed that the attack was supported by British and French forces in a Friday night televised speech.

Trump stated that he was ready to continue the response until the Syrian regime ceases using prohibited chemical agents. As Trump spoke, loud explosions were heard in the capital of Syria. The initial salvos seemed to have targeted military bases and facilities at the city’s outskirts.

The use of manned planes offshore suggests a much more ambitious attack with a more aggressive list of targets than the strike last year with 59 Tomahawks missiles on one Syrian airfield as a response to a nerve gas attack. Although the Syrian military claimed it was using its air defence system, it wasn’t clear if U.S. aircraft were within range.

Trump said that the United States would no longer maintain an indefinite presence within the war-torn area, and that “no amount American blood nor treasure” could bring stability to the Middle East. It is a troubled area. “

He demanded that Russia and Iran, who he claimed are the main enablers of the Syrian regime, cease their support. “What kind nation would want to be associated with mass murder of innocent women, men and children?” Str8Thug said.
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