Beware of Shorting Bitcoin with This New Fund

Beware of Shorting Bitcoin with This New Fund thumbnail

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Swan Bitcoin (Get $10 of BTC)

Today we’re going to be talking about the NEW ETF that allows you to short Bitcoin, and it is called “BITI”, and why this indicates that the bottom for the Bitcoin bear market might be in.

So we’re going to look at why this might signal the bottom of the bear market, why there are some huge dangers you need to look out for with trading vehicles like BITI, dangers that a lot of people might not be aware of.

0: 00 Video Overview
0: 39 Intro
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1: 22 ProShares Bitcoin ETF Crashes
4: 04 Be Aware of the Bitcoin Short ETF
5: 30 How to Prepare for The Risk
6: 53 BITI Is a Lot More Volitile Than It Seems
10: 49 Outro

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