Biden’s BITCOIN Mining Regulation – Winklevoss Twins CFTC Lawsuit – Do Kwon Prison Terra Luna

Biden's BITCOIN Mining Regulation - Winklevoss Twins CFTC Lawsuit - Do Kwon Prison Terra Luna thumbnail

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President Biden and the White House is drafting policy to address Bitcoin mining as it seeks to lessen energy consumption and emissions. Bitzero, a Bitcoin miner, has announced plans for a $500million facility in North Dakota. The largest electricity producer in Kenya will offer surplus power to Bitcoin miners. According to CFTC, Gemini and Winklevoss Twins lied about offering market makers rebates. Do Kwon is unlikely to face prison time for $60 billion UST crypto wipeout — fines and lawsuits are more likely.
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02: 06 June 7th crypto items
03: 13 Bitcoin mining & Biden regulations
10: 04 CFTC sues Gemini Winklevoss Twins
14: 09 Crypto dotcom Dubai license
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