Bitcoin bull run 2022 Bullish bitcoin above $42k Next stop Moon

Bitcoin bull run 2022 Bullish bitcoin above $42k Next stop Moon thumbnail

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Bitcoin is looking super bullish! The 2022 bull market is back and the bitcoin bottom has been found. In the last video I told you if we hold above $42k I would have to turn into a bullish moon channel so I’m keeping my promise to you. The bitcoin price is rising and I don’t see any reason to stop it from climbing until it reaches an all-time high. Bitcoin will continue to rise because the stock market is bullish. Although I was disbelieving that bitcoin is in a bull market, it is true and I have to accept defeat. My 2022 new bitcoin prediction and technical price analysis are that bitcoin will moon, and we all will be rich if bitcoin is bought now. My previous 2022 Bitcoin price predictions were wrong. Congratulations everyone.. Lambos
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Bitcoin still under $42k! Next point to chance a short is $41.8k 4. 53, 5. 37, 4. 18

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