#Bitcoin Continues to Pull Back, Good Thing?

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The Financial Summit August 1-6: m
—Prof. Explains Exactly What is Going On Back in 2015—
/>Recent Thoughts from Mearsheimer:
/>Daily Update:
Military Map Review: A
The Duran: n
Gonzalo (from Kharkiv): s
MUST WATCH – Killing of the Mind – Please Get De-Brainwashed!
/>—Opinions on Issue from Former Military Personal–
Scott Ritter: />Douglas Macgregor: />Maj Gen: />—Greyzone Long Format Interviews—
Doug Macgregor: />Scott Ritter: />US Former Diplomat: />—Must Watch Reports from the Ground in Ukraine—
/>His New Channel: Q
His Newest Channel: s
—Ukraine/Russia Conflict Explained
Pre-Invasion: />Post-Invasion: />Russia/China Relationship: />None Ukrainians Can’t Leave: />—Putin’s Speeches—
Putin’s Pre-Invasion Speech Feb 21, 2022: />Putin’s Post-Invasion Speech on NATO Feb 24, 2022: />—Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Ties—
2016 – Ukraine on Fire Documentary: l
Criticism of set Documentary: 7
2019 – Revealing Ukraine Documentary: l
2021 – Ukraine: The Everlasting Present Documentary: 4
2018 – US is Arming Neo-Nazis in Ukraine: />Scott Horton: />Preview of Part III to Documentaries above: />—The Leviathan Gas Field ‘Rabbit Hole’—
Original NATO Agreement (1990): y
Budapest Agreement to Keep Ukraine Nuclear Weapons Free (1994): /
Bucharest Summit Announces Ukraine’s plans to Join NATO (2008): /
NATO Map: /
Minsk Agreements: w

For Momentum Reversal Indicator (MRI) See r

GBTC w/ Tyler Jenks: />
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