Bitcoin Dominance, DXY, Alts, Mining and more

Bitcoin Dominance, DXY, Alts, Mining and more thumbnail

Jeff Brown The Near Future Report

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DISCLAIMER. The video contains information that is intended to be educational and informative. This video is not intended to be considered financial or tax advice. This video contains only the views of the speaker, who is not licensed to act as a financial advisor or registered investor advisor. There is a high risk of losing cryptocurrency trading. The speaker cannot guarantee any outcome.
00: 00 Introduction
00: 16 Markets Are Not Correlated – Players Are!
01: 27 DXY Topping Out – BTC Bottoming Out
03: 09 Spikes Above $30K Meet Selling Pressure SOPR
04: 00 Saylor: ‘Bitcoin is going to go into the millions’
04: 15 MSTR New CFO – No Change in Strategy
05: 15 Fun Poll Results
06: 15 EV Of 10,000 Votes on Twitter
06: 51 BTC Dominance Moving Up
08: 18 ETH Fees Hit 9 Month Low
09: 09 Ethereum Alternatives Outperform
10: 04 Most Active Chains Today per a16z
10: 33 Activity in Perspective
11: 37 Yes These are SOL Non Vote Transactions
12: 30 MS Says UST Crash is not going to stop Industry
13: 14 Tether Reduces Paper post Redemption
14: 18 Emerging Stablecoins
15: 29 China is Back…. Perhaps
15: 54 Erroneous Mining Data
16: 49 Live Interview with Jaime Leverton
17: 06 Also Tomorrow: DCA Live
17: 20 Shopify Doubling Down on Crypto Payments
18: 05 Group of Politicians Threaten Google