Bitcoin has reached the point of no return Now, a crash to $7k is inevitable!

Bitcoin has reached the point of no return Now, a crash to $7k is inevitable! thumbnail

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My charts show bitcoin price has dropped below a key support level meaning this bitcoin crash is just getting started. While we could get a pump before the next FOMC meeting the Sept 21st, I believe bitcoin and the stock market will top out before both the Indices and bitcoin continues crashing to some much lower targets. This article covers the current support and resistance levels for swing trades and scalp trades, as well as macro price targets that will show where the next bitcoin bottom is. My TA, 2022 Bitcoin price prediction and technical analysis show that we are in an all-encompassing bubble. The bitcoin bear market is just beginning and I expect bitcoin will see another significant drop soon. I will continue to be bearish until bitcoin reaches its bottom. That bottom could mean more than a 50% decline in the current btc prices. Once that macro target is met, I will be bullish on bitcoin. Then, I’ll be ready for the next bull run in bitcoin.

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How to set up a trade in Bitget that is both long and short with a stop loss.
My 2022 Prediction of Bitcoin’s Price – Long Term and Short Term: E

Bitcoin drop just getting started. Major move tomorrow! : g

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This is not financial advice. These are my opinions and views on where the market might be heading. Crypto Currency can be a risky asset. Always do your research before you invest or make a trade.