“Bitcoin Is Marching Toward $10,000,000 Per Coin” | Michael Saylor

"Bitcoin Is Marching Toward $10,000,000 Per Coin" | Michael Saylor thumbnail

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Bitcoin enthusiast Michael Saylor believes Bitcoin will be $10,000,000 per coin. Interview with Peter H. Diamandis: Bitcoin bull Michael Saylor expressed a bullish outlook on Bitcoin and stated that it is still very early. Bitcoin continues to trade sideways, as it currently trades for $20,320. 62 despite hawkish sentiment from the Federal Reserve and the announcement of another rate hike of 75 basis points. As the US mid-term elections approach, analysts and pundits continue to question the direction of the main cryptocurrency. The topic of regulation has been a hot topic within the political realms regarding crypto. Biden’s administration is pushing for a central bank digital cryptocurrency. Analysts predict that Bitcoin will join the ranks of other major assets experiencing bearish price action due to global economic and political turmoil. But to Saylor, all of the short-term micro events and microeconomics are trivial for the long-term health of Bitcoin, as Saylor sees Bitcoin hitting $10,000,000 per coin.

American entrepreneur Michael J. Saylor is a business executive. MicroStrategy is his company, which provides cloud-based services, business intelligence, mobile software and cloud-based solutions. He is also the co-founder and executive chairman of MicroStrategy. From 1989 up to 2022., Saylor was MicroStrategy’s chief executive officer. In 2020, Saylor adopted the Bitcoin strategy when MicroStrategy used $250 million from its cash stockpile to purchase 21,454 Bitcoin.
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“Bitcoin Is Marching Toward $10,000,000 Per Coin” | Michael Saylor

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