Bitcoin Is Set To Explode (Updated Price Prediction) | Cathie Wood

Bitcoin Is Set To Explode  (Updated Price Prediction) | Cathie Wood thumbnail

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Cathie Wood

Cathie Wood, Ark Invest CEO and CIO, spoke with Foxx News about a variety of topics including inflation, her struggling fund and zoom stocks. She also talked about being patient in these turbulent times and crypto. Cathie is a contrarian when it comes inflation and her beloved zoom stock. Many investors believe Zoom was a’stay at home’ stock that rose during the lockdowns. Now that many people have returned to work, Zoom stock is reflecting the changing environment. As its down 55% year-to-date which is eerily similar to Ark Invests stock (ARRK) as it is currently down 54%. During the interview, Cathie openly acknowledged that she is struggling with her stock but she is still certain that her 5 innovative will take off, especially Bitcoin, which she believes will 60X from here.
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