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Andreas talks about Bitcoin price obsession and how to respond to people who are focused on price. This question was answered by Andreas in the August 2021 Q&A.

0: 00 Why is everyone so obsessed with the price of Bitcoin?
0: 47 I want to teach
1: 32 Some people consider price
important.2: 20 Focus on your own learning

What is a monthly Q&A community builder livestream?
Andreas answers questions from the community once a month on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lightning Network and all things related to open-source blockchains. For about an hour, he’ll be live on YouTube answering questions from Community Builders on Patreon and Community Members on YouTube.

What is the best way to vote and ask questions?
Livestream is open to all questions. It is possible to find out the time by subscribing and turning on notifications. You can also visit this playlist:

Patreon Community Builders can ask questions and vote for questions up to a week prior to the event. YouTube Community members who support this work have the opportunity to vote and ask questions an hour before it starts. Everybody else has the opportunity to vote and ask questions before the event begins. Andreas is able to give early access to those who financially support the mission in a small way. It still allows everyone to participate.

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Aantonop also has many books that you can learn from. Andreas is the author of three books about blockchain technology for developers: Mastering Bitcoin, Mastering Ethereum and Mastering the Lightning Network (2021). These books were published by O’Reilly Media. He also wrote The Internet of Money Series books that explain why bitcoin, open blockchains, and ethereum are important.

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