Bitcoin Q&A: MimbleWimble and Dandelion

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What is the story behind MimbleWimble? What is Grin? What is a Dandelion transaction relay, as described in BIP156, and how does it improve the anonymity of the Bitcoin network?

CLARIFICATION/ CORRECTION: At 1: 14, I talk the origins of MimbleWimble. The PDF was submitted to Bitcoin research IRC channel 2016. on August 2. The pseudonymous author used “Tom Elvis Jedusor”, which is Voldemort’s French name. I also believe that “MimbleWimble”, the name of a spell in Harry Potter, is a reference to the Tongue-Tying Curse. It prevents people from talking about (not “seeing”) anything: e

At 6: 08, I was unable to list the names of the team members behind the Dandelion proposal. These are Giulia Fantino, Shaileshh Bjja Venkatakrishnan and Surya Bakshi. They were also Bradley Denby and Shruti Bhargava. Pramod Viswanath, Andrew Miller, Andrew Miller, and Shruti Bhargava (researchers at Carnegie Mellon and MIT).

You can read the MimbleWimble paper at f

Andrew Poelstra’s MimbleWimble presentation is M

More information on BIP-156: i

The BIP-156 pull request: 7

NOTE: This video, as usual, is meant to be an educational resource on topics like blockchain protocols (i.e. MimbleWimble is not intended to endorse specific implementations (e.g. Grin).

0: 00 Could you give us a basic explanation about the MimbleWimble protocol and Grin?
4: 32 If you want to watch something about MimbleWimble, the best resource is probably Andrew Poelstra’s talk
5: 42 What is a Dandelion transaction relay, BIP-156, expected to come within Bitcoin Core release 0.18?
9: 27 How Dandelion works

These questions were part of the July and (late) August monthly live Patreon Q&A sessions, which took place on July 28th and September 1st 2018 respectively. Patrons get early access to Andreas’ talks and a chance at participating in the monthly live Q&As.
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What is the relationship between privacy and fungibility? – 8
Addresses vs. public keys – U
Re-using addresses – g
Privacy and coin selection – Q
Privacy implications and airdrop coins – c
Wallet design and mass adoption – c
How do I choose the right wallet? – Y
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– Exchanges, identity and surveillancePrivacy is expensive – 4
Privacy and layering – Q
Lightning and onion routing – g
What is the roadmap? – 0
SegWit and fork Research – E
Signatures of MimbleWimble & Schnorr – 0
Schnorr signatures, and the privacy roadmap – 0
Block capacity and embedded data – I
Mixing services –
Borderless money –

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