Bitcoin still under $42k! Next point to chance a short is $41.8k

Bitcoin still under $42k! Next point to chance a short is $41.8k thumbnail

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In the last video I told you to short bitcoin around $42.3k and bitcoin price started dropping from that target. The last bitcoin pump was a bull trap for longs, before btc began falling again. As I stated in my previous videos $42k would be a top and its down from here.. Your next major resistance is now $41.8k and an ideal point to short bitcoin. The technical price analysis and my 2022 Bitcoin prediction show that we are in a 2022 bearish market. When bitcoin prices start pumping, the bull run is over. Bitcoin will hit its bottom after it drops below its all-time high. Once Bitcoin gets below $40k it will be a long time before we see bitcoin above that point. Once we breach a support level, that’s when bitcoin will crash. The 2022 capitulation is also happening. These charts can be used to determine when you should buy, sell, or long bitcoin swing trading bitcoin.

These live charts can be accessed via the /
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If Bitcoin gets above $42k I’ll become a Bulltard Moon Channel! 2. 07
This could be the peak for Bitcoin, and it’s down from there! 9. 30

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This is not financial advice. These are my opinions and views on where the market might be heading. Crypto Currency can be a risky asset. Always do your research before you invest or make a trade.