Bitcoin TA, ETH Action, Alt Compression, Crypto Burn & Inflation, + market direction

Bitcoin TA, ETH Action, Alt Compression, Crypto Burn & Inflation, + market direction thumbnail

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These opinions are only for informational purposes and do not constitute advice or recommendations. This video is intended to educate about the financial sector.

0: 00 Today’s Story –
1: 00 Bitcoin Returns….. Lessmore Stability

1: 46 Bitcoin Levels – a little TA

2: 53 Ethereum Drainage – Whales Accumulating

3: 36 ConsenSys to buy more Ether & Fix Metamask – Joe Lubin

5: 16 DAO Dominance – Ethereum and Solana

6: 02 SOL Strong Bullish Divergence

7: 00 AVAX Compression

7: 38 AVAX Sharpe Ratio

8: 51 Solana Sharpe Ratio

9: 25 LUNA Sharpe Ratio

9: 49 Cardano ADA Exploring Token Burning

11: 00 Charles Hoskinson Said “Token Burning Will Never Occur” in Nov 2021

11: 45 Speaking of BURN – AVAX Burn

12: 31 ETH vs AVAX Burn Compared

13: 00 AVAX Inflation Calculation
You can watch avalanche inflation video by me

14: 05 SBF Vocal on Sanctions
BlockFi Hits Continue to Come – Beware of Phishing

15: 14 BLockfi so kindly share 5 words. “Regarding recent third-party data incident:” “Hubspot has confirmed that an unauthorized third-party gained access to certain BlockFi client data housed on their platform.”
Hubspot, a third-party vendor of BlockFi, stored user data, including names, email addresses, and phone numbers. This information has been used by bad actors to conduct phishing attacks on users and gain access to their accounts via user-provided passwords.

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