Bitcoin trading at P50 using PHONE + P150,000: CASH-OUT w/ Proof | PDAX App TUTORIAL #StartWithPDAX

Bitcoin trading at P50 using PHONE + P150,000: CASH-OUT w/ Proof | PDAX App TUTORIAL #StartWithPDAX thumbnail

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In this video, I will teach you how to basically trade cryptocurrencies using only your mobile phone for as low as P50 only with PDAX Mobile APP.
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Helpful links:
Android: r
iOS: H

Applicable on Official Site: /
Referral code [Sign-up] : jhazelbtc
Referral code [Cash-in] : jhazel

PDAX Telegram Community: y

0: 00 Introduction
0: 42 How to Earn
01: 15 Where to Trade
02: 23 How to Sign-up
04: 50 Cash-in Procedure
06: 14 Trading Tutorial
11: 53 Cash-out Procedure
13: 42 My Proof of Cash-out
13: 57 Disclaimer


Watch: Q
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