Bitcoin Trading for Beginners (A Guide in Plain English)

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Bitcoin trading involves buying and selling low. Trading is not like investing which involves holding Bitcoin over the long-term. Instead, it involves trying to predict price movements through studying the entire industry and price graphs specifically.

Trading is a difficult business that requires time, money, and effort.

This is Bitcoin trading in its simplest form. For a more detailed explanation, keep watching:

0: 55 – Trading vs. Investing
2: 40 – Types of trading methods
3: 54 – How to predict Bitcoin’s price
5: 35 – Trading terms explained
7: 45 – Types of orders you can place on an exchange
9: 28 – Maker-Taker fees
10: 58 – Reading price graphs
12: 11 – Bull and bear markets
12: 34 – Resistance and support levels
14: 50 – Common trading mistakes
17: 35 – Conclusion + warning

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