Bottoms, Wheels, Cycles, Set + Forget, DCA + Governance Tokens

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Jeff Brown The Near Future Report

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DISCLAIMER. The video contains information that is intended to be educational and informative. This video is not intended to be considered financial or tax advice. This video contains only the views of the speaker, who is not licensed to act as a financial advisor or registered investor advisor. There is a high risk of losing cryptocurrency trading. The speaker cannot guarantee any outcome.

00: 00 Introduction
00: 43 When you talk about BTC or stocks bottoming, are you talking bear cycle bottom or swing bottom?
01: 16 Cannot Predict Future
01: 53 Stock Market Bottom
02: 42 SPX 2 Year Chart
03: 34 Bitcoin Bottom
05: 05 Excellent Time To Buy!
05: 33 Could you recommend a better strategy than DCA in S&P500 for people lacking the time to swing trade or bottom fish?
05: 52 DCA on Steroids Strategy
07: 39 Can you provide direction on building a “set it and forget it” portfolio to gradually accumulate wealth?
07: 58 My Strategy
09: 50 At this stage, how much does your conviction in Tesla rely on Elon’s continued involvement?
10: 10 90% Tied to Elon – Potential is High
10: 33 Elon is Committed and way beyond Cars
11: 47 What risks do you see in SOL as a 5+ year investment? Thinking of doubling my shares to lower my avg price, but that takes my SOL bag over 20%. Too risky?
12: 03 Crypto is Most Certainly Risky
13: 33 Two L1 Winners Will Emerge
14: 00 What are your top 3 options strategies that you like to use in a bear market?
14: 09 Bear Market Options Plays
15: 32 Would you recommend “The Wheel Strategy” with regards to trading options? It’s what you like or dislike about it.
15: 55 Wheel Strategy Basic
16: 50 Advanced Wheel Strategy
17: 14 Note
18: 00 Thoughts about Defi projects that use reward coins to “create” value for their platforms?
18: 14 Always Ask: Does this token need to exist?
18: 43 Quality Governance: MKR
19: 22 Questionable Governance: UNI
20: 14 Fugazi Governance: 99.9% of tokens. “If Wolf of Wall Street were about Crypto” Video: />20: 49 Where does the FED, Blackrock, and other hedge funds/private equity park their money after the last two sell offs (stocks & crypto)?
21: 01 Fed, Blackrock
22: 23 If BTC price falls below profitable mining levels and majority of miners shut off their rigs, is btc network vulnerable to a 51% attack, or can price go to zero?
22: 44 What happens to Bitcoin
23: 34 Market Forces
24: 23 Your Contributions, Our Donations
25: 12 Why don’t you measure the value of the SCP tokens by free cash flow? They are fundamentally undervalued and the monetary premium they receive is speculation. thoughts?
26: 44 What do you think SOL’s bottom is in this bear market cycle? Do you think it’ll be 90% off the ATH, which will bring it to the mid-20s?
30: 31 TX AG Ken Paxton is suing Biden Admin for exec order to raise fed contractors to min $15, claiming to raise inflation. Agree? 2017 Tax cuts for the top companies that paid $0 in taxes and inflation?
32: 18 looking at 100 year chart. 2 decades lost due to disease/war. Are we in one? Also, will the US make a digital currency?
34: 00 can you explain why the Feds hands are tied with regards to rate hikes and debt servicing.
35: 19 What’s the best place to store wallet keys? All digital and paper documents can be lost, stolen, or burned in fires.
36: 05 Could you share your thoughts on collaborative custody multisig options like CASA or Unchained Capital?
36: 58 Perspective on FX quant trading & high-frequency algorithmic trading? The Medallion fund is one example. Have you ever considered freeway?