BTC Bullish Signs, Hard Forks, Heat, Oil and Real Estate

BTC Bullish Signs, Hard Forks, Heat, Oil and Real Estate thumbnail

Jeff Brown The Near Future Report

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00: 00 Introduction
00: 27 The Story
00: 51 Lyn Alden BTC is Structurally Bullish Long-term
02: 05 Bitcoin Funding Rate Remains Bullish
03: 11 Cardano Vasil Hard Fork
04: 35 ADA Network Usage Down 78% since Jan
05: 06 Per Justin Bennett
05: 17 SOL Triangular Squeeze – Breakout Imminent
06: 27 Tesla has Made over 3M Cars
07: 27 Most Purchased Stocks in August
08: 47 Soros Invests in Tesla – Lightens Rivian
09: 30 Oil Drops on China Fears
10: 35 Oil Tanking…
10: 49 Wells Fargo Retreats from Mtg Mkt – Red Flag
12: 08 US Home Sales Screeching to a Halt
13: 00 Extreme Heat