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00: 00 – Introduction
01: 03 – What is XRP?
01: 45 – XRP Price Data
02: 13 – Highlights of the year
04: 24 – XRP Price Prediction
05: 00- My thoughts

2017, 2018, Ripple surpassed almost all the market and briefly became the second most capitalized cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. The growth was followed by a slow and painful fall in the exchange rate of XRP and its market capitalization. This drop was even more severe than the general decline in capitalization for cryptocurrencies.

However, XRP has rebounded and regained its footing thanks to the crypto market boom in early 2021. The coin is still not at its peak, but who knows what the future holds. Will XRP make a comeback to the moon?

What is XRP?

Ripple, the company behind XRP is a payment settlement network and currency exchange network that can handle transactions worldwide.
The network acts as a trusted agent and can quickly verify that the transaction went smoothly. Ripple is able to facilitate exchanges between fiat currencies as well as cryptocurrencies such Bitcoin.

The network charges a small fee for every transaction made using the network’s network.

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