Can Britain’s Tories recover from Boris Johnson’s ‘reckless’ leadership? | Conflict Zone

Can Britain's Tories recover from Boris Johnson's 'reckless' leadership? | Conflict Zone thumbnail

Boosterism, buffoonery, bluster – all synonymous, even for many Conservatives, with Britain’s outgoing premier.

How did so many in his party come to see these as the traits of a successful leader? And why did they indulge it for so long before removing Boris Johnson as the head of their party?

“I never thought he should have been prime minister in the first place. He was the wrong person here,” says Sir Malcolm Rifkind – a view he says is shared by a “large minority” of Conservatives.

Rifkind, a senior Conservative and a former foreign and defence secretary, spoke to DW’s Tim Sebastian in London on 20 July.

Tory Party members will now choose between two former supporters of Johnson’s leadership bid to lead their party and become the next British prime minister.

Can the UK expect more of the same in 10 Downing Street?

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