Crypto Contagion Over? Can The Ethereum Merge Spark A New Bull Market?

Crypto Contagion Over? Can The Ethereum Merge Spark A New Bull Market? thumbnail

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Three of the brightest minds in crypto and investing, Raoul Pal, Anthony Scaramucci and Mark Yusko, joined Scott Melker to discuss the inevitable bullish future of crypto. They discussed both markets and adoption of the technology, making the case that crypto will eat the world.




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0: 00 Intro
1: 15 Contagion: is it over?
2: 05 Mark Yusko socks reveal
3: 00 Mark Yusko: stupid amount of leverage
4: 44 We are in accumulation cycle
5: 30 Raoul Pal: macro caught us by surprise
6: 30 Raoul Pal: Inflation has peaked
8: 30 Raoul Pal: I am very bullish
9: 40 Mark Yusko: buy the rumor, sell the news risk
10: 56 Mark Yusko: Ethereum should settle before going higher
11: 37 Mark Yusko: conviction, courage and cash
14: 20 We are gonna get another billion people
15: 30 Crypto is the biggest wealth creation opportunity of my life
16: 23 Raoul Pal: crypto brings incentives based programs
18: 30 Technology should be invisible
19: 50 Phones will be wallets
21: 54 The biggest problem in crypto is tribalism
24: 40 Adoption will not happen on someone terms
26: 40 Mark Yusko: there is a chance of one chain world
28: 29 Anthony Scaramucci: if you want to do crypto for a living, be prepared for volatility
29: 28 People need to relax
30: 22 Raoul Pal: drawdowns are opportunities
32: 00 Anthony Scaramucci: it is a monumental time to be in crypto
33: 50 Anthony Scaramucci: I am built for this shit
35: 00 Raoul Pal: if I just held BTC I would make more than by trading it
38: 40 Anthony Scaramucci: missing out the generation asset class
39: 51 Anthony Scaramucci: exponential rise of applications
40: 30 Raoul Pal: once UI/UX is solved, it’s too late
43: 30 Anthony Scaramucci: investing wisdom
44: 40 Algorand could be Google
46: 30 Anthony Scaramucci’s new book on Algorand
47: 00 Raoul Pal: my main bets are Ethereum and Solana
48: 00 Raoul Pal: market can go 200x
51: 30 The worst case scenario
52: 30 Anthony Scaramucci: 73 million americans own crypto
53: 58 Anthony Scaramucci: Elizabeth Warren is the stupidest smartest person
54: 51 We should create aspirational society
54: 40 Wrap up

The views and opinions expressed here are solely my own and should in no way be interpreted as financial advice. This video was created for entertainment. Every investment and trading move involves risk. You should conduct your own research when making a decision. I am not a financial advisor. Nothing contained in this video constitutes or shall be construed as an offering of financial instruments or as investment advice or recommendations of an investment strategy or whether or not to “Buy,” “Sell,” or “Hold” an investment.

Crypto Contagion Over? Can The Ethereum Merge Spark A New Bull Market?