Crypto, Correlations, CPI, Crime, Chips and China

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Jeff Brown The Near Future Report

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00: 00 Introduction
00: 43 The Story
00: 46 SPX GOLD, BTC and EURO after CPI
01: 55 Wild Ride 8.5% Swing
02: 28 Why did the Market Rally?
03: 20 Tesla PE is now 36!!!!!! Deep Value
04: 42 Insider Buying
05: 26 Recessions: S&P 500
06: 30 BTC ETH Correlation Breaking Down
07: 01 ETH:BTC Pair Tanked from . 068 up to. 066C
07: 35 Why Decoupling from ETH? Bitcoin Catalyst
08: 48 CMC/M1
10: 20 Those in the Green Today
10: 46 Stocks
12: 23 Half of Young Americans Invest in Crypto
12: 48 Tether Reduces Commercial Paper to Zero
13: 19 Lawrence Lepard – Bitcoin Will Become Dominant
14: 40 Crypto Crime
15: 22 Mango Markets Hack!
16: 25 SBF on Mango Markets Exploit
17: 01 Crypto Crime Transaction Volume
17: 32 Theft is Growing – Plain Old Theft!
19: 02 All Defi All Day
19: 40 US Mortgage Rates Near 7% – Next Stop 8.5%
20: 53 Job Switchers Do Better
21: 30 China Kneecapped by US Chip Sanctions
22: 36 Europe’s Energy Sources – Vive La France!