Crypto explained: Taproot drawbacks, Bitcoin Energy Usage and Ethereum FEES! + more [May 2021]

Crypto explained: Taproot drawbacks, Bitcoin Energy Usage and Ethereum FEES! + more [May 2021] thumbnail

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Have you been worried about the crypto prices? This livestream will not help. Listen in if you are interested in learning more about technology, fees and energy consumption. This audio version is only available to you. Enjoy!

0: 00 start waiting period
3: 10 Could you explain how miners signal their support (or not) for an upgrade such as Taproot?
13: 02 Looking at, what data is actually showing and what does it mean?
21: 35 Possible drawbacks of Taproot, including ECDSA and quantum resistance
26: 39 Pros and cons of consolidating your bitcoin UTXO?
31: 20 Real story about bitcoin energy usage
41: 36 How do I use a hardware wallet for my cryptocurrency? Are there easy resources?
44: 50 Is bitcoin inevitable?
51: 08 Ethereum fees!!!
59: 02 EIP 1559, is this the new bitcoin killer? Is Ethereum able to make sound money?
1: 06: 00 Bitcoin Pizza Day celebration?
1: 07: 27 Could miners take back their signalling for Taproot?
1: 09: 20 Why is bitcoin written in C++?
1: 10: 54 What about bitcoin and privacy? Are governments able to track bitcoin users? What privacy benefits does the lightning network provide?
1: 14: 39 What if bitcoin network fees make opening and closing lightning network channels cost prohibitive? Is there a custodial solution?

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