Crypto Market Flat-Tober to Uptober What has happened?

Crypto Market Flat-Tober to Uptober What has happened? thumbnail

Jeff Brown The Near Future Report

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00: 00 Introduction
00: 53 The Good
01: 34 Final Bottoming Phase $17,600 Was Bottom
02: 59 BTC Super Flat – 8% Range 28 Days
03: 34 Bitcoin 5 Mths at 20K
04: 10 ETH Super Flat – 9% Range 23 Days
04: 31 Ethereum Symmetric Triangle
06: 00 Best News 1K to 10K Whales Accumulating
07: 41 Fear & Greed – Still Flatlining in Extreme Fear
08: 34 Altcoin Season – Still No Change 2 Weeks
08: 52 Parabolic OI! Violent Squeeze on The Horizon
10: 31 Bollinger Band Width Percentile
11: 30 In Bonds vs Bitcoin News
12: 45 In Adoption News: Oldest Bank Wants Crypto
13: 23 The Bad
13: 28 Bitcoin Supply in Profit
14: 40 Digital Asset Inflow – 1st -ve Week in a Month
15: 00 Money Flows By Crypto Asset
16: 02 DXY Strength Wrecking Ball – Back to 114
16: 53 Faster Ever Fed Hike Sequence…
18: 00 Financial Conditions: Tight Enough Yet?
19: 04 The Ugly
19: 08 JP Morgan: CB Triggering a Crisis
20: 27 Why is Nobody Talking about this?
21: 42 Speaking of Bond Buying/Debt Issuance/Money Printing
23: 28 Germany Now Most Shorted Euro Market