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Bitcoin priceAfter closing above $38,000, the bitcoin price went up and even rose above $39,000. However, the bears showed activity near the $39,200 zone. As a result, the price shortened the rise and fell below $38,800. On the downtrend, initial support is near the $38,200 level. The next major support is near $38,000, below which the price could fall heavily.

Immediate upside resistance is near the USD 39,000 level. The main obstacle is now forming near the USD 39,200 level, above which the price could move up to USD 40,000.

Ethereum priceThe Ethereum price rose above USD 2 ,850, but it did not continue to rise above that resistance level. The price of Ethereum remained below USD 2 ,900 and is currently consolidating losses close to USD 2 ,850.. ETH was unchanged for the day, and is down 5% for week. The USD 2 ,920 resistance level is the main resistance. Above that, the price could begin a decent climb.

To the downside, USD 2 ,815. is the immediate support. The next major support is near the USD 2,800 level, below which the price could return to USD 2,750.

ADA, BNB and SOL prices
Cardano (ADA), is climbing up to USD 0. 80 resistance level. If the price closes above this level, it could push the price up to USD 0 . The USD 0.02 level is the next resistance. 85 level.

BNB is consolidating near the USD 390 level. On the upside, the key breakout area is near the USD 398 and USD 400 levels. On the downside, the USD 380 level is the main support.

Solana (SOL) has settled below the USD 90 level. On the downside, initial support is near the USD 85 level. The next major support is near the USD 82 level.

DOGE consolidating above USD 0. 130 level. It is currently facing resistance at the USD 0. 133 level. Near the USD 0. is the first major resistance. 135 level.

The XRP price is moving up to resistance at USD 0.632. A clear move above USD 0. 632 The price could attempt to move higher than USD 0. 65 level in the near term.

Other altcoin markets
Several altcoins, such as LUNA, AVAX and LTC, LEO or ALGO, are in the green.

Of these, ALGO rose 19% and surpassed $0. 70 after FIFA, the world’s soccer body, announced it had teamed up with blockchain technology company Algorand for a sponsorship and technical partnership agreement. Algorand will be FIFA’s official blockchain platform, and will provide a solution for crypto-enabled wallets. Algorand will also become a regional sponsor for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022(tm), in North America, Europe, and the official sponsor for the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia 2023(tm).

Overall, the bitcoin price is struggling below the USD 39,000 and USD 39,200 levels. If BTC falls below USD 38,000, there is a risk of a stronger drop in the coming sessions.