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Bitcoin steadily exceeds 100 SMA, here’s how BTC can start new growth
The bitcoin price has corrected below the $38,000 resistance zone against the U.S. dollar.

Bitcoin rose above the $35,500 resistance and continued its upward move. However, the bulls struggled to overcome the $38,000 resistance zone. A high near $37,900 was formed and the price recently corrected lower. There was a break below the $37,000 support level. Bitcoin fell below the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement level of the recent uptrend from a swing low of $34,225 to a high of $37,900.
The price is now trading well above $36,000 and the 100-hour simple moving average. There is also a key downward channel forming on the hourly chart of the BTC / USD pair with resistance around $36,800.
The pair is also finding bids near the 50% Fibonacci retracement level of the recent upward move from a swing low of $34,225 to a high of $37,900.
Bitcoin price remains supported

Waves.Exchange allows users to earn about 60% a year
Market conditions are volatile. Many investors invest in stable coins to protect their capital.

The leading cryptocurrency recently experienced a market crash when its price fell to a low of $30,000. While the situation is still unstable, Elon Musk adds to the chaos by tweeting. On the other hand, the number of Bitcoin addresses reached an 11-month low of more than 27 million.
However, Bitcoin’s supply continues to return to long-term holders as they continue accumulating more BTC.
Investors are increasingly investing in stable coins. Waves.Exchange is considered a good option – they provide favorable betting terms – 30% APY for stable coins. They also have Lambo, a new product that allows users to invest in an algorithmic trading strategy with the most balanced risk/return ratio: the annual reward of about 60% is provided by the lowest risk compared to other algorithmic trading strategies. Due to the adjustment of the trading strategy, the maximum drawdown of a Lambo investor’s portfolio cannot be more than 10%.
You can bet any amount in USDT, USDC, BTC, ETH, NTR, and other currencies on the Waves exchange with returns up to +30%. You can check the public smart contract that manages your betting funds. You can start with $1 USDT and withdraw funds at anytime.
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In May
, Ethereum’s adjusted online sales hit a new peak and the revenues of miners reached a new high.Data from May show record-breaking Ethereum online transactions volume and mining revenue figures.

Monthly mining revenue was $2. 35 billion, up 42.4 percent from April. Transaction fees for Ethereum miners also surpassed $1 billion for the first time in May, up 43.9% from April to $1. 03 billion.
The revenue figure was supported by ETH reaching a record high price of more than $4,300 last month. The current price of Ethereum is around $2 ,570 per coinbase.

BNB restores and denies long-term support
BNB has been returned to the support area of $330.

On May 10, BNB hit a record price of $691.77. It plummeted sharply within a matter of minutes. The downward movement culminated in a low of $211. 70 reached on May 23.

Coinbase Pro will support dogecoin in the coming weeks
Dogecoin is a volatile and popular cryptocurrency that has been based on memes. It will soon be available for professional cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase.

Coinbase stated in a blog post on June 1 that it will allow transfers to DOGE accounts beginning June 1. The goal is to launch June 3, if enough liquidity exists.

SEC of Thailand to Regulate DeFi
The Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand stated that DeFi-related projects might require a license.

After DeFi’s farm platform, Tuktuk Finance, was launched on the Bitkub Chain and its price soared to hundreds of thousands of dollars, plummeted quickly to $1 in just a few minutes, the SEC released the statement. DeFi was the target of regulators.

In May
, DeFi protocols generated more than $370 millions in revenueRecord revenue was generated in May by Ethereum-based decentralized financial protocols.

First place went to Uniswap, which accounted for $153.9 million of the $371.6 million in total monthly revenue from the DeFi protocol this month. Sushiswap was next with 20.3%, followed by Aave with 16.6%.
Tesla competitor releases the first electric car that can mine bitcoins and Dogecoin
Daymak multifunctional three-wheeled car will be able to mine cryptocurrency

Daymak, a Canadian manufacturer of lightweight electric cars, has announced that the Spiritus vehicle, which is yet to be launched in Canada will allow Bitcoin and Dogecoin mining while it is parked.

Ripple Giant sells billions more XRP, while coins trade above $1
Ripple DLT Giant sent another billion XRP on June 1st, while the coin trades above the $1 level.