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After a rough week
, cryptocurrency stocks are continuing to recover.Both the share price for financial services company Galaxy Digital as well as cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase showed signs that they were resilient.

Last week Coinbase shares fell to their all-time lowest, trading at $162. At the same time, Galaxy Digital shares hit $11 – down more than 60 percent from their all-time highs.
Friday’s rebound ended Monday morning with Coinbase shares rising more than 4.6%, and Galaxy Digital shares increasing 2.0%. This could be the first sign that crypto stocks are recovering amid the general lack of investor confidence. The decline in the value of digital assets means investors have lost faith in crypto and crypto-related stocks.
recovery of cryptocurrency stocks continues
Ethernity is proud to announce a unique strategic partnership agreement with The Sandbox.
The company announced a partnership agreement with Luka Modric, a Croatian Golden Ball winner and Real Madrid star.

Ethernity will bring its top-quality license library to The Sandbox metauniverse. This will allow players to wear licensed clothing from famous stars, celebrities, players, artists and brands on their avatars.
Ethernity acquired a central LAND location in The Sandbox metauniverse to strengthen the partnership. This will house a gallery as well as a fully licensed NFT shop where players can buy voxelized wearables and collectible Ethernity items for use within the game. Players can upgrade their avatars by dressing up with NFT wearables, such as the jerseys of Dak Prescott, running back Ezekiel Elliot and other NFT wearables.
Ethernity, in collaboration with IP partners, will create wearables and destinations as well as event-oriented events.
Ethernity announced a partnership agreement with The Sandbox.

Solana’s Ghost Purse received $109 millions in Series B funding
Phantom Wallet, Solana’s token wallet, has announced that it had closed a $109million Series B funding round.

The funding round, led by Paradigm and involving a16z Variant, Solana Ventures, and Jump Capital, brings the crypto wallet to unicorn status with a $1.2 billion valuation.

To protect itself against hacking
, Binance has a $1B war chestBinance has pledged $1 billion to its insurance fund amid a frenzy of hacks of cryptocurrency exchanges worth multimillions.

The largest cryptocurrency exchange has announced that the Secure Asset Fund (also known as SAFU) has reached $1 Billion. SAFU was established in 2018 to protect users of the cryptocurrency exchange. The firm initially allocated 10% of all trading fees to the fund and recently moved assets into two wallets.

India announces 30% tax for cryptocurrency profits. This is the highest tax band in India
According to Nirmala Sitharaman, profits from trading crypto-assets will be subject to tax at 30%, Indian Finance Minister.

According to industry estimates there are between 15and 20million crypto investors in India at the moment, Reuters reported. Indian crypto investors collectively have about 400 trillion Indian rupees or $5. 37 billion.
India’s finance minister has announced high taxes on cryptocurrency trading profits, but she stated that the losses cannot be offset by other income.
India announces 30% tax for cryptocurrency profits

Meta joins Crypto Open Patent Alliance
Meta has joined the Crypto Open Patent Alliance. This non-profit organization is dedicated to cryptocurrency innovation and is led by Block.

Meta joined the Crypto Open Patent Alliance. This non-profit organization is dedicated to cryptocurrency innovation and is led by Block (Jack Dorsey’s payment solutions company, formerly known as Square). COPA’s stated goal is to “eliminate patents as barriers to growth and innovation.” “

BingX is officially recognized as an exchange in the U.S.The US and Canadian regulatory agencies have now officially licensed social trading platform BingX.

BingX, a social cryptocurrency trading platform, has been officially approved by U.S. regulators and Canadian regulators in order to operate as a Money Service Business Exchange.
BingX is looking forward to fully complying with both country’s regulations and spreading its product all over the globe. The exchange’s successful legalization in the U.S.A. and Canada is a significant milestone. It can now access major markets as an organization that is fully compliant.
BingX is a U.S.-regulated exchange.