Crypto news today: Bitcoin Ethereum Crash coming soon?

Crypto news today: Bitcoin Ethereum Crash coming soon? thumbnail

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Crypto news today, will BTC and ethereum price drop more?

With the Merge resulting in a “buy the rumor, sell the news event,” Mike McGlone thinks that ETH might drop to “$1,000, or even get a bit lower” given how hawkish the Fed has been.

The Federal Reserve of the United States is about to bring Bitcoin (BTC), and Ether (ETH), down further before they reach new all-time highs for 2025..

Ahead of the latest Fed interest rate hike to be announced this week, the market is expecting a minimum of a 75-basis-point increase, however some fear it could be as high as 100 basis points, which would represent the biggest rate hike in 40 years.

crypto market analysis along with technical Analysis and prediction of bitcoin and other top 100 coins Price analysis.

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Table of Contents:

00: 00 : intro
01: 53 : crypto news today
10: 20 : BTC ETH CRASH
11: 45 : Bitcoin price prediction
13: 10 : bitcoin Ethereum Candle Chart
19: 40 : outro


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