Culture Wars: Why book bans are trending in the US | DW News

Culture Wars: Why book bans are trending in the US | DW News thumbnail

It’s a growing battlefield in America’s culture wars: education. In a critical election year, a conservative-led movement is attempting to restrict what is taught in schools. This has placed books, schools and libraries under fire.

There has been a rise in the number of challenges to books and teaching material in schools and libraries throughout the country. According to PEN America (an organization campaigning for freedom of expression), there were 1586 book bans in schools over the past between July 1, 2021 and March 31 of this year. More than 40 percent of those books had main characters who are people of color, and more than 30 percent featured LGBTQ themes.
Conservatives decry the teaching of divisive content and inappropriate content in public education, such as racism, gender and LGBTQ topics. They argue that the movement to ban books is an attempt to
The movement to ban books is at the core of an ideological conflict that pits conservatives against the left-wing of America. This conflict emerged after Donald Trump’s election in 2016.. The fight over education shows how polarization and politicization have reached the very core of American society.

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