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This video explains the confusion around PayPal’s decision not to fine users $2 ,500 if they misled customers. After a huge backlash, the policy was reversed.

PayPal had an already bad reputation, and this policy has helped to destroy even more trust.

Banks and fintech companies are likely to continue mistreating their customers. This will drive more people to use Bitcoin as the best digital currency:
1) Permission-less
2) All are welcome, regardless of race, gender net worth, political opinions, or any other ideologies.
3) Censorship-resistant
4) Beyond governments’ greed
central banks
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You can delete PayPal and instead use

PayPal Acceptable Use Policy:

PayPal has a bad reputation.

A new PayPal policy allows companies to take $2 ,500 from users’ accounts if they promote’misinformation’:

PayPal mafia wants you to get your money now:

PayPal reverses course:

Consider deleting Venmo as well:

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