Did Bitcoin bottom or is this just another trap?

Did Bitcoin bottom or is this just another trap? thumbnail

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In this video I show where I think bitcoin is headed and give dates for that target. I also give key support and resistance levels where I will be going in on a long and short. There are bitcoin price targets on the smaller timeframe and macro targets. I do not think the 2022 bitcoin bottom is yet however we could get a bitcoin pump, If btc starts pumping I show where I think the next bitcoin top is. It is very possible we get another bull trap before a crash as bitcoin will typically get a pump before another massive drop. My technical bitcoin price analysis and 2022 bitcoin price prediction is we have entered a bitcoin bear market and I expect at a minimum for bitcoin to keep crashing until we have dropped 85% from our all time high. I will remain bearish on bitcoin until that price target has been reached as I believe we are in bubble that just popped, after that point when I believe btc has bottomed, I will flip bullish and expect the next bull run to begin. While we could have a pump here and there I expect bitcoin to continue dropping along with the stock market and indices. My goal is to help you find those point to long, short, buy and sell.

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This is not financial advice! these are only my views and opinions of where I think the market may be headed. Crypto Currency is a very risky asset, always do your own research before ever considering investing or making a trade.