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Here we are showing Bangladeshi News for informing people to get current news of Bangladesh. eimaatr paaoyyaaH Bangla News 16 August 2022 Today Latest Bangladesh Breaking News

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“bhyyes aph baaNlaadesh” aamraa desher sNbidhaan o jnmter prti shrddhaashiil / taai dhrm o raassttrbirodhii ebN usskaaniimuulk kono mntby naa kre sucintit o ythopyukt mntbyer jny drshkder prti anurodh kraa hlo / aapaander mtaamt aamaader kaache saadre grhn yogy / mntby smuuh drshker ekaant byktigt / er jny cyaanel krtiipkss kon bhaabei daay’ii nyy /

aamaader prcaarit bhiddio gulo desher sbnaamdhny anlaain niuj porttaal, gugl, uikipiddiy’aa o anyaany anlaain sors theke neoy’aa hyy, aamraa srbcco cessttaa kri stthik sNbaad aapaander kaache pauNche dite, taai esb niujer saathe sraasri “bhyyes aph baaNlaadesher” kon sNshlisstthtaa nei / taarpr o kon sNbaader stytaa niy’e aapnaader kon prshn thaakle kmentt sekshne jaanaaben / aamraa ythaasaadhy cessttaa krb uttr dite /

biHdrH kichu kichu sNbaade aamraa prtiikii chbi deyyaa hyye thaake /


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