Ethereum 2.0 is dead… Long live Ethereum! (Ethereum updates and predictions)

Ethereum 2.0 is dead... Long live Ethereum! (Ethereum updates and predictions) thumbnail

In this episode of Crypto Over Coffee, Hashoshi sheds like on the recent update to the topic of Ethereum 2.0, more specifically, the shift away from the ETH 2.0 naming convention to a more apt nomenclature for the future of the Ethereum blockchain. Hashoshi also discusses when Proof of Stake might merge.

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More information on Ethereum’s nomenclature changes:

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0: 00 Welcome to Crypto Over Coffee
0: 44 Scammer alert!
1: 08 Ethereum 2.0 is dead, long live Ethereum!
6: 03 Crypto market update!
8: 42 Qubit hack, $80m losses on qBridge
10: 56 Sandbox metaverse HUGE announcements
12: 15 “Rational Reactions” Crypto news
19: 43 “404”: America “COMPETEs”?
22: 55 Syscoin NEVM and chainlocks (sponsor)
25: 00 Q&A!
25: 33 Reaction to “Problem with NFT’s” video
27: 33 Milkomeda Cardano EVM L2
29: 25 How do I get started in NFT’s without tons of $
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