Ethereum (ETH) News Today | Price Prediction 2021

Ethereum (ETH) News Today | Price Prediction 2021 thumbnail

Ethereum better than Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is better for peer-to-peer transactions, but Ethereum works well when creating distributed applications or smart contracts. You can choose
as your winner.
Why is ethereum rising today?
The latest record for Ethereum comes amid a crypto market frenzy that has seen bitcoin and other cryptocurrency prices rise dramatically in recent months. Major institutional investment as well as increased adoption from retailers and payment platforms have helped to boost the market.
Ethereum was launched in summer 2015 to expand the use cases for blockchain and cryptocurrency to include all manner decentralized applications that go beyond Bitcoin’s original scope. This includes permissionless financial services, crowdfunding, and new organizational structures.

Ethereum was designed to be a “global computing computer” that developers could use to create and execute apps using smart contracts. These scripts allow for the movement of digital assets.

Ether (ETH), Ethereum’s native cryptocurrency provides an incentive structure similar Bitcoin (BTC), in maintaining and securing the network. It can also be used as “gas”, to execute smart contract transactions. This serves as a security measure to protect network from malicious actors and inefficient code.

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Price Prediction 2021

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