Ethereum Is Banker Coin (Shocking Revelations)

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Ethereum’s dark history />
Part 2: Ethereum’s dark history (
This video focuses on the alleged intimate relationships between Ethereum, Joseph Lubin and JP Morgan.

A tape that allegedly shows Joe Lubin teaching potential ETH whales how they can bypass concentration controls has been released.

A new shareholder lawsuit alleges that Infura, MetaMask and other corporate entities were transferred to another corporate entity without shareholder approval. The new entity appears to be 10% and is owned by JP Morgan.

This could give Joe Lubin and JP Morgan extraordinary control over Ethereum infrastructure, wallet usage, and may help explain recent blockades in Iran and Venezuela.

JP Morgan and Ethereum insiders have been working together since before Ethereum’s launch.

Ethereum could be the right choice for you if you are looking for an alternative to fiat, which is controlled by corrupt insiders and bankers.

Bitcoin is the only real alternative to a centrally controlled, proof-of-stake controlled coin.

This is not investment advice. Consult a financial advisor.

Joseph Lubin is a brilliant entrepreneur and an honorable man. My sources are just gossip from the internet. It may or not be true. Make your own research to reach your own conclusions. This video is a wild guess.

Joseph Lubin:

Joe Lubin explains how whales can hide their ETH purchases.

Joe Lubin ETH whale


Infura outages:


Metamask and Infura are blocking certain countries:

ConsenSys lawsuit


ConsenSys/JP Morgan deal:

WEF and Ethereum s

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