Ethereum Merge To $5,000? | ETH & BTC Weekend Forecast

Ethereum Merge To $5,000? | ETH & BTC Weekend Forecast thumbnail

The upcoming September Merge — the title given to Ethereum’s upcoming switch to a consensus mechanism powered by proof-of-stake — will rely on layer-2s to soak up users switching chains and curb gas fees. Ethereum’s more permanent update to lower gas fees will release next year at the earliest. It will also mean the end of an income stream for Ethereum miners, who are rewarded with ether (ETH) tokens for supplying resources to the blockchain. Miners produced over $620 million worth of ether in July alone, data show, making The Merge akin to a death knell for a significant chunk of cash. Can Ethereum reach a $5,000 price due to a successful merge?

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~Ethereum Merge To $5,000? | ETH & BTC Weekend Forecast~
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