ETHEREUM NEWS BULLISHES AGAIN! HUGE Crypto News | NFT Tweet for sale $2,500,000

ETHEREUM NEWS BULLISHES AGAIN!  HUGE Crypto News | NFT Tweet for sale $2,500,000 thumbnail

Ethereum has surged back on to the crypto news with a 10% gain and a ton of positive news. It is amazing how quickly the narrative can change from one cryptocurrency to another in this volatile asset class. Today’s video will discuss how to avoid falling for the crypto narrative trap. I also explain what is happening with Ethereum right now. And how you can stay ahead of the trends (as it was yesterday). To stay on top of the latest news, subscribe to our channel and click the bell icon.

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00: 00 Hopium-Free Bullish Crypto News
00: 45 Cardano Price Update
02: 49 Ethereum Price & Time Prediction in Advance!
04: 45 12-Month Membership “TIA” DISCOUNTED!
07: 50 Ethereum Bullish News, NFT Tweet
08: 49 Why are NFTs so valuable? TAX-FREE?
10: 39 Ethereum Bullish Narrative Continues
12: 15 Bitcoin Bullish News, $10m BTC Bought
13: 58 Ethereum Price Chart Updates: Technical Analysis
16: 52 Etheruem & Crypto Bullish Narrative Summar
18: 21 Free Daily Q&A here!

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