“Everyone Is So WRONG About What’s Coming” Kevin O’Leary New Bitcoin, Ethereum & Crypto Prediction

"Everyone Is So WRONG About What's Coming" Kevin O'Leary New Bitcoin, Ethereum & Crypto Prediction thumbnail

“Everyone Is So WRONG About What’s Coming” Kevin O’Leary New Bitcoin, Ethereum & Crypto Prediction

Kevin O’Leary is a big fan of Crypto and is focused on one thing: policy. O’Leary believes that policy around crypto projects, particularly stable coins, will be the catalyst to bring in more pension and sovereign wealth fund capital.

O’Leary discusses why he is so bullish about the space due to its improved efficiency and speed, as well as how he approaches investing in this early space.

Stay tuned to the end to see O’Leary’s personal portfolio breakdown as well as his reasons for diversification being key to maximising returns.

Kevin O’Leary:

Terence Thomas Kevin O’Leary is also known as “Mr. Wonderful is a Canadian businessman and entrepreneur, author, politician and television presenter. He appeared on numerous Canadian television programs, including The Lang and O’Leary Exchange and SqueezePlay, which are business news programmes. Redemption Inc and Dragons’ Den are reality TV shows. He also appeared on Project Earth, Discovery Channel’s 2008,. He has been on Shark Tank since 2009,, America’s version of Dragons’ Den.


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