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From Hollywood to Holy. This Easter holiday, witness the story of Father Stu in movie theaters. #FatherStuMovie

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Father Stu, based on a true story is a hilarious, heartwarming drama about a man who discovers his purpose in an unexpected place. Stuart Long (Mark Wahlberg), who is injured in an accident ends his amateur boxing career moves to Los Angeles, aspiring to stardom. He struggles to make ends meet as a supermarket clerk and meets Carmen (Teresa Ruiz), who is a Catholic Sunday school teacher. She seems to be immune from his bad-boy charm. The long-time agnostic decides to win her heart and starts attending church to impress her. After surviving a horrific motorcycle accident, he wonders if he can help others find their way. This leads to him realizing that he was meant to become a Catholic priest. Despite a terrible health crisis, the skepticism from Church officials and Jacki Weaver’s parents (Mel Gibson & Jacki Weaver), Stu continues to pursue his vocation with courage & compassion, inspiring many others along the journey.

Rosalind Ross directed the film. Rosalind Wahlberg is Oscar Award nominee(r), and Mark Wahlberg is Academy Award winner(r). Mel Gibson was nominated for Best Director, Braveheart and 1995), Academy Award nominee(r), Jacki Weaver won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor Silver Linings Playbook and 2012), respectively. Teresa Ruiz (Narcos) was also in the film. Mark Wahlberg, Stephen Levinson, and Jordon Foss produced the film. Executive produced by Miky Lee and Colleen Camp, Rosalind Ros, Patrick Peach, Tony Grazia, and Teresa Ruiz (Narcos).

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