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FIRST PRESS BRIEFING OF THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION: White House Press Sec. Jen Psaski hosts the first press briefing for the Biden administration. Former President Trump’s war on the media, his dislike of journalists and his cries for fake news created an hostile atmosphere in the press briefing area. A slew if press secretaries spun facts at the James S. Brady Press briefing Room -where, roughly four years ago then, Press Sec. Sean Spicer made it clear that the Trump administration is not interested in the truth, claiming false information about the Pres. Trump’s inauguration–briefings are expected to return to their fact-based and grounded interactions between White House officials and members of the media. Psaski stated that press briefings would be back to being part of the Biden administration and that she understands the importance of her role in a time of low public trust in government. Psaski stated that while she doesn’t expect public trust in the government to change overnight, her briefings will continue to highlight policy, information, and data, and bring the curtain down on what’s going on at the White House .>> Subscribe to NowThis:
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