#G-7 Reaffirms Commitment to #Ukraine, Will Send #Air #Defense Systems #shorts

#G-7 Reaffirms Commitment to #Ukraine, Will Send #Air #Defense Systems #shorts thumbnail

Russia’s recent missile attacks against civilians in Ukraine lead to an urgent meeting of the G7 leaders Tuesday that will result in more American aid being sent to Ukraine’s military.

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that he ordered the missile strikes as a retaliation to the weekend’s destruction of the bridge linking Crimea and Russia.

On Tuesday morning, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zilenskyy asked the leaders of the G-7 for modern and more efficient air systems. Later, President Joe Biden and other leaders released a statement pledging support for Ukraine. They warned Russia against using chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons.

The full story is available from CBN’s Abigail Robertson

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