Global National: July 19, 2022 | UK records highest-ever temperature as fires spark across London

Global National: July 19, 2022 | UK records highest-ever temperature as fires spark across London thumbnail

A record-breaking heat wave has turned Britain’s capital into a tinderbox, with fires erupting across London, prompting the city to declare a major incident. Redmond Shannon explains what residents are being told not to do, and how the soaring temperatures are causing chaos.

As some Canadian provinces also simmer under a dangerous heat wave, Canadians are facing more climate change concerns. Mike Drolet reports on the toll the scorching hot weather is taking on people and their livelihoods, and the message from meteorologists.

A fast-moving, powerful storm has wiped out multiple homes in Cypress County, Alberta. Dallas Flexhaug speaks with residents who are in disbelief about what they’ve witnessed and lost.

And as he faces pressure to take action on climate change, U.S. President Joe Biden is expected to eventually declare a climate emergency with new measures to tackle the crisis. But as Jackson Proskow explains, a slew of problems are holding back Biden.

Americans experiencing a mental health crisis can now call or text 988 to reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Canada is being pushed to also create a three-digit hotline. Morganne Campbell speaks with John Cairns, a survivor who says an initiative like this is long overdue, while some advocates worry the most vulnerable won’t be able to access it.

Plus, it’s still unclear if Russia will restart the crucial flow of gas into Europe as a brief outage for annual maintenance on the critical Nord Stream 1 pipeline continues. As Abigail Bimman reports, it’s raising concerns over whether Canada and other Western nations will ease pressure on Russia over its war on Ukraine.

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