Good News: The United States lifts the travel ban. Signals US Immigration will not be impacted by Omicron

Good News: The United States lifts the travel ban. Signals US Immigration will not be impacted by Omicron thumbnail

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Breaking News!. White house announced, United States is opening its borders by ending travel ban on December 31st. Now immigrants, tourists, citizens and other travelers, irrespective of whether they are travelling by road or through Air will be able to enter United States. This will also remove restrictions on visas from certain countries.

This move by the white house indicates that US Immigration won’t be affected by Omicron. The administration uses science and not fear. This could speed up the process of clearing backlogs for US visas and Green cards faster. Interviews will also be waived.

We also have an updated List of Approved Covid-19 Vaccines for entering to United States. Check to see if your vaccine has been added to the approved list.
It will be a welcome development for thousands of Immigrant and Non-immigrant visa holders and foreign nationals who travel to the United States. They have had to wait almost all of the pandemic
to see the blanket travel restrictions lifted.
All international travel is subject to the new guidelines. The CDC would be the final authority on the definition of “fully vaccinated “

How do I expedite my NVC Application?
A request for expedited processing will be made by applicants to NVC Here are the guidelines from the State Department.

CIS. Ombudsman provides U.S.C.I.S. Contact Center Tips for Expediting GreenCard & Visa With U.S.C.I.S!
Is it a good idea to contact the U.S.C.I.S Contact Center when you have a question?
If you meet any U.S.C.I.S expedite requirements, you can contact U.S.C.I.S Contact Center to expedite your case.
For inquiries regarding cases that are beyond the normal processing time or for other inquiries that really require assistance.
If you need to cancel or reschedule your biometrics appointment, or interview before the appointment or interview date.
In case of emergency, you can apply for advance parole to travel, or show proof that you are a lawful permanent resident. You will need an Alien Documentation, Identity and Telecommunications stamp in the passport.

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