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How Alexander Skarsgard Became One of Hollywood's Most Mesmerizing Villains | NowThis thumbnail

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Between ‘Big Little Lies’ and ‘The Kill Team,’ Alexander Skarsgard has established himself as one of Hollywood’s most chilling villains — here’s how he is able to pull out the humanity in every character, no matter how evil.
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Alexander Skarsgard will never say that he was “born for acting” — in fact, if everything went away tomorrow, it would be completely fine. Alexander Skarsgard doesn’t act out of obligation or because he feels pressured by the legacy of his family. He does it because it’s something he enjoys. He has the accolades (Emmys, Golden Globes, SAG) to prove that.

Between the abusive and manipulative Perry Wright in ‘Big Little Lies,’ 1,000-year old vampire Eric Northman in ‘True Blood,’ to his upcoming portrayal of evil Randall Flagg in Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’ — Alex Skarsgard is racking up an impressive list of haunting performances.

Although he doesn’t agree with many of the characters’ decisions, he is focused on the motivations and humanity of each character.

Skarsgard talks about what attracted him to the ‘The Kill Team,’ Sergeant Deeks. He also shares his personal experiences with serving in the Swedish army.

This episode of I Have A Question from NowThis Entertainment contains more information about ‘The Kill Team’ as well as other Alexander Skarsgard films.

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