How divided is American politics? I Inside Story

How divided is American politics? I Inside Story thumbnail

Running battles with the police, fires burning, lootings and protesters arrested.
Riots following George Floyd’s death have broken out in dozens of U.S. towns, including close to the White House.
Governors have established curfews, and sent National Guards.
The Floyd case has sparked anger at police brutality and racial inequalities.
It has also created a political divide between Republicans and Democrats.
Donald Trump has pledged to end’mob violence’.
Trump claims that healing is necessary, but he is accused of the opposition – inciting tension.
America can overcome its divisions.

Presenter: Kim Vinell

Maurice Jackson is an Associate Professor at Georgetown University’s History Department and African American Studies.
Kevin Powell, civil rights activist and author.
Sahar Aziz is a professor of law and Chancellor’s Social Justice Scholar at Rutgers University
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