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How Ukraine's weapons shape the war with Russia | DW News thumbnail

Ukraine’s foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba told NATO last week that all his country was looking for is weapons – lots of them and more serious ones. Anti-tank and antiaircraft missiles have been delivered by western allies so far. At least 17,000 such weapons against tanks have come in from NATO members like the United States, United Kingdom and Germany. These weapons seem to be highly effective against Russian armor.
Turkish-made drones are armed with air to-surface missiles. For Ukrainian forces, the Bayraktar TB2 drone is a reliable and powerful weapon. US might deliver hundreds of Switchblade drones with small speeds that can also target armor.
These lighter weapons have defeated the Russian forces and allowed them to reduce their war ambitions as well as limit their attack on Ukraine’s eastern side. To defeat the Russian invasion, Ukraine is hounding its allies for heavier weapons like
.Helicopters, tanks, and long-range artillery. Some of this is included in the 800 millions of dollars of new military assistance that US President Joe Biden approved recently. Allies from the West are trying to determine if Eastern European countries are allowed to send equipment older than what Ukrainian troops are used to, and which newer stock they can replace. Both the UK and European Union are also intensifying their efforts. The EU’s Peace Facility, which is a budget for medical supplies, military aid and equipment, has a total of 1.5 billion Euros.
Germany is being pressured to do more. The government is currently locked in a deadlock over the issue of sending heavy weapons to Ukraine. Annalena Baerbock, the foreign minister, and many others have voted in favor. However, Chancellor Olaf Scholz will ultimately decide whether Ukraine gets German tanks.

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